Wise choices

Client: Veidekke

A course in ethical principles and guidelines

In 2007/2008 Transform developed the e-learning program ”The House of Veidekke.” A lot has changed since then. We have developed and so has technology.

The new e-learning program, ”Wise choices” targets all employees in Scandinavia. The goal is to secure ethical decisions all across the company.

After our success with ”Ethics and military power” for the Norwegian Armed Forces, we decided to further develop our concept of short and to-the-point-stories.

The purpose of ”Wise choices” is twofold. The first part aimes to give the employees an introduction to the rules of ethics, while the second part trains the employees in realistic dilemmas.

”Wise choices” consists of film, exercises and infographics. The whole program is carried by four main characters. Two of them are representing the office workers and the other two are representing the construction site workers. We mixed the use of actors with voice over, graphics and interactive exercices that were exposed to the users between the short film sequenses. The user tests his knowledge, – attitude and skills throughout the whole program.

The green-screen filming gave us the opportunity to stress a ”clean” aestethic expression and highlight the graphic elements.

With ”Wise choices” we made a concept that truly works. The snappy combination of film and info graphics has extended our horizon when it comes to visual expressions.

”We are very satisfied with the program. It’s short, to the point and ensures good learning. The fact that the work prosess with Transform was inspiring is also a plus.”

Harald Lausund
Senior advisor


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