The Logistics project

Client: Norwegian Armed Forces

Motivational films

The world is changing rapidly. In such a world an effective defense should react just as quickly. Since defense is composed of many small parts, the couplings between the parts should be strong. Once it is, a part of the system can quickly mobilize the rest. The Defence Integrated management system, FIF, does just this. FIF make rapid changes possible.

To succeed with a new logistics system, it is essential that all people using it are motivated and understand the system.

Transform has developed three motivational films with the following objectives:

Increase awareness of FIF

Motivate staff to undergo training modules about FIF

Raise the awareness of staff about their role in defense and their part in the big picture

The films are supplied as an HTML 5 solution and can be played on PCs, tablets and smart phones. Each film lasts for about one minute.


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