Client: UNODC & UN Global Compact

An interactive learning tool for Awareness-building and the prevention of corruption

The Fight Against Corruption is available for free from the websites of the UN Global Compact and the UNODC. The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, introduces the program and explains the importance of combatting corruption.

The manuscript for the program has been written in cooperation with UNODC and UN Global Compact and is based on Statoil’s successful program “Ethics in Statoil – Anti-Corruption Learning” from 2005. It has been developed over a period of sixteen months, and all scenes have been filmed in Norway, with professional actors. The team has consisted of educational specialists, script writers, designers, animators, film directors, editors, photographers, sound engineers, project managers, production manager, actors and extras.

The program is an online service and is available in 18 languages.

The program is open for everyone - have a look!

The interactive learning modules

Through these six interactive modules you learn the basics of the corruption convention.  Each module only lasts for an average of five minutes, so it is a very effective way of learning. And it is fun too.

no-1 The Unwelcome gift
Receiving gifts and hospitality
The arrangement
Gifts and hospitality towards others
To pay or not to pay
Facilitation payments & Corruption
The Mystery Middleman
The use of intermediaries and lobbyists
The Strange Letter
Corruption and social investments
The Insider
Insider information

Make it your own

– Fully customizable!

The Fight Against Corruption can be tailored to any business, with customized videos, company profile, additional modules, LMS, iPad version, language versions etc.

It is also possible to add new modules, like Statoil has done. In addition to the six anti-corruption modules they have added three new modules covering bullying and harassment, conflict of interest, and fraud/company property.

Do you want your own customized program?


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