Introduction for union representatives


Digital start-up package

Fagforbundet is the largest union in LO Norway (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions), with nearly 360,000 members. Fagforbundet’s main task is to ensure good and safe pay- and working conditions for their members.

The start-up package will make the target group better equipped to cope with their first days, weeks and months as union representatives. They get answers to issues like: How do I hold a club meeting? How do I become visible and available to members in my workplace? How do I safeguard members as best as possible?

”Transform has developed a new digital start-up package for all new union representatives within Fagforbundet.”

Digital start-up package

Immediately after you are elected as a union representative, you receive an SMS with a link to the digital training package.

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Four modules

The program consists of four interactive modules. They contain film, animation, interactive exercises, links to resources, a glossary and more.

Realistic scenarios

We wanted to make the training as close to reality as possible. Professional actors play roles and visualize scenarios.


The users have to make decisions and answer questions throughout the modules. Everything in a mobile-first experience.

”We are proud to offer training that allows new union representatives to get started with their tasks right away.”

Sissel M. Skoghaug,
chairman of the school committee and deputy chairman of the Federation.

The start-up package is available on your mobile phone, tablet and desktop – and arrives on SMS automatically after you are registered as a new union representative. It takes only half an hour to do the training, which is presented in an interactive, alive and powerful way.

“This is good. I like that it is interactive; That’s what we learn from.”

Kurt Rønning,
newly elected deputy in the occupational health and social department.

The start-up package consists of the following modules:

New union representatives will be elected all year round, and the need for training is there all the time. That is one of the reasons why a digital package is ideal – it’s independent of time and place. You don’t have to wait around for a physical seminar to take place.

The package is delivered on Distribute LMS and is currently available in five languages; Norwegian, Sami, English, Polish and Spanish.


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