An e-learning program within administrative law

Client: DIFI Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

Can Walter do it?

In “Can Walter do it?” all government employees in Norway are invited to go through a fun, motivating and activating e-learning program on administrative law. The program consists of 16 short episodes released over 16 days.

As an employee at various locations in the state administration, Walter meets new challenges and dilemmas. By helping Walter solve challenges, the employees learn to use the administrative law and to reflect on what the law means in daily work of public administration.

In order to solve the tasks, participants must go to the sources, they must interpret the answers and discuss with their colleagues.

When we were asked to make an engaging program within administrative law, everyone expected something boring. – Wrong! It became an award winning success!

The goal of the program is to help Difi renewing the Norwegian public sector and to improve the organisation and efficiency of government administration

This is Walter.
Well… one of them.

In addition to actual live Walters we created a huge set of other Walters as a way of making each episode unique and entertaining.

“Can Walter do it?” was was awarded “Best in Show” at REN’s show day for e-learning in May 2014. The program has been developed by Transform and K as the Task alliance.


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