An off-the-shelf elearning program based on “Real world stories”

”Are you looking for “off the shelf” anti-corruption training for your organisation? A program that is engaging and up to date that works on all platforms?”

As the risk of bribery and corruption increases globally for all types of business, the demand for good compliance systems and requirements for training is also increasing in order to combat that risk.

Corruption Hunter is an engaging e-learning program in detecting, managing and reporting possible corruption and bribery.
While the users learn the basics, managers and leaders can implement and document progress.

”Transform has now developed “Corruption Hunter” a groundbreaking e-learning program on anti-corruption. The program comes in two editions: the standard edition and a version with a special focus on banking and finance.”

“Corruption Hunter” gives your employees the basic knowledge they need. The e-learning program comprises real-life cases based on real world stories. The program works excellent both on mobile and desktop and can either be installed locally or run as an online solution.

Corruption hunter

– A powerful mobile-first learning experience. Ready to be implemented in your organization.


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Module based

Corruption hunter is a module based program. First you learn what corruption is, what the law say and how corruption can be detected. After that you have to solve some challenging cases.




Engaging films


The content is being presented through engaging films. The films are currently recorded in English and Norwegian, but the program may be translated into multiple languages. The films work both in landscape and portrait mode.



Within each module you have to do interactive exercises. When you answer correctly, you collect stars and you get one step closer to being a true corruption hunter.


Production has taken place in close cooperation with real-life corruption hunter, Helge Kvamme, partner in the law firm Kvamme Associates. Kvamme has many years of experience investigating and preventing corruption throughout the world. He has seen corruption and bribery up close through a number of cases following the cash flows, agents, victims and others involved.

Kvamme’s experiences have formed the basis of the exciting cases in the e-learning program, Corruption Hunter.

”If you think that some of the examples could not happen in reality, you should know that while we have changed the names and places and companies, the stories are real, based on real life cases.”


The content is presented powerfully in a mobile-friendly format. The program starts with a module that defines what corruption really is and goes on to challenge the boundaries between law and ethics.

In module three we get an introduction to typical red flags; indications of corruption. This provides a good foundation for practicing some engaging dilemmas. The generic version uses dilemmas regarding what is ok to receive, what events are ok to attend, whom can you invite, and fair play during procurement.
The bank-specific version also includes three very interesting cases involving money laundering and suspicious transactions. DNB is the first business that has taken this version into use.
The program now appears in a blue, red or green suit, but this can be tailored as needed. The title Corruption Hunter can also be changed. For example: DNB has named the program, “Know: Risk Anti-Corruption Program”.

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