Will it work online?

Client: Government cooperation project

High-end e-learning to increase digital teaching

Will it work online? is a high end learning program which aims to increase digital teaching and instruction within the public sector. The learning program consists of two courses: Course 1 deals with pedagogical principles and learning theories, while course 2 focuses on practical use of digital tools.

Through the allocation of tariff deposed expertise funds, five state agencies have joined forces to develop “Will it work online?”

With topics such as learning theory and pedagogy, as well as examples of practical teaching and instruction online, the two e-learning courses aim to increase the use of digital teaching.


Will it work online?”can be used as a stand-alone program or as part of a learning process. The two courses will also be produced in English, thanks to a unique collaboration between the Canadian Defence Academy and NATO Defence College.


Transform is a proud developer of “Will it work online?”. Never before have we developed an e-learning course with such a variety of methods and media.

“Will it work online?” has a variety of methods and media. Gamification, simulations, film, animations, 3D are just some of the tools.


”Together with the creative minds at Transform, I am certain we have developed e-learning like you have probably never seen before. With their help, the two e-learning courses “Will it work online” combine storytelling, gaming, entertainment, infographics and tasks in a groundbreaking way. Our students love it”

Geir Isaksen
Commander – Staff Officer ADL at Norwegian Defence University College

Since the courses recommend a variation in training methods, the e-learning courses needed to have variation as well. “Will it work online?” shows variation like never seen before.








…and a custom made puppet, of course!


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