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Ethics and military power

Transform has developed an HTML 5 solution, an iOS/ Android app and an e-book for Norwegian Armed Forces. The target groups is soldiers and ethics and Military Power is a part of their study plan.


Unio – What have unions done for us?

UNIO wanted to develop a film that focuses on why one should be organized. The result was a film with a highly engaged Nils Ole Oftebro as the main actor.


Sparebanken Vest – Are you in control of your pension?

This is a compact training film that deals with the new pention rules. The film lasts for 15 minutes and is a combination of film and scribing.


Discover Infratek

Discover Infratek is a blended learning program for new employees. The program consists of an interactive film, 15 nano modules, an app and a tailored LMS. Everything can be run from tablets and smart phones.


The most successful companies have one thing in common. They have a continuous focus on internal branding. That is why all training and internal communications, regardless of subject matter, should be rooted in the vision and values.

In order to really live the brand you have to 1) be motivated for it and 2) use the values in daily decision making. All our tailor-made solutions keep that in mind and "speak" to the target group's heart and brain.